The History of Parliament Online

The History of Parliament Online became publicly available last year. It contains the published text of all of the History of Parliament’s publications, although the most recent, 1604-29, is not as yet public. There are around 24,000 biographies and more than 2,000 constituency articles, covering periods from 1386 up to 1832. The search function allows searching within certain elements of the biography, for example the career or family and education summaries within the biographies. The conversion from various sources into the website was not perfect, and the data is still slowly being cleaned up. We welcome being alerted to any problems you find.

The website is accessible to everyone, free of charge.


About The History of Parliament

The History of Parliament is a major academic project to create a scholarly reference work describing the members, constituencies and activities of the Parliament of England and the United Kingdom. The volumes either published or in preparation cover the House of Commons from 1386 to 1868 and the House of Lords from 1603 to 1832. They are widely regarded as an unparalleled source for British political, social and local history.
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