Searching the History of Parliament Online

There’s a thoughtful and comprehensive review by Jason Peacey of the Online version of the History at the Reviews in History website, with a response attached. The review especially explores the search function on the website, showing how one might use the History of Parliament Online for many different research projects:  Jason’s examples include ‘riots’ (433 articles contain the word), ‘divorce’ (174) and ‘duel’.  Searches can be refined rather more closely than suggested in the review: the search page enables you first to filter by article type (so you can limit your search to just biographies, just constituency articles, and so on) and then you can further filter the results by limiting them to one of the periods covered by the History (for example 1386-1421 or 1715-54). Within our biographies you can also limit your search to just one or more of the elements of the biography, so you can exclude, for example, all of the parts of the biography apart from the ‘family and education’ paragraph if you want only to find MPs who attended a particular school, university, or college (in this way, for example, you can find 106 MPs who studied at Leyden University).

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