Eligibility for Parliament

Mohammad Sarwar’s recent decision to renounce British citizenship in order to take office as Governor of Punjab province in his native Pakistan is another remarkable step in the career of a man who was the first Muslim Member of Parliament, and the first to take the oaths on the Koran. References to Mr Sarwar’s renunciation… Continue reading Eligibility for Parliament


Searching the History of Parliament Online

There's a thoughtful and comprehensive review by Jason Peacey of the Online version of the History at the Reviews in History website, with a response attached. The review especially explores the search function on the website, showing how one might use the History of Parliament Online for many different research projects:  Jason's examples include 'riots’… Continue reading Searching the History of Parliament Online

The History of Parliament Online

The History of Parliament Online became publicly available last year. It contains the published text of all of the History of Parliament's publications, although the most recent, 1604-29, is not as yet public. There are around 24,000 biographies and more than 2,000 constituency articles, covering periods from 1386 up to 1832. The search function allows… Continue reading The History of Parliament Online